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About Us

To provide the best service and unique enriching experience to our heavy vehicle customers, Diesel Service Department is located at Branch Road, Les Guibies Pailles.

Our service centre assures you a peace of mind by making effective use of the followings:

  • Certified and experienced team
  • Specialized equipment for your trucks and buses.
  • Advanced diagnostic equipment technology
  • Use of genuine parts


Periodic Maintenance

For your own driving comfort, vehicle safety and performance, it is recommended to have your periodic maintenance/servicing performed as per the manufacturer’s interval.

Legacy Model

  • Every 5,000km/6 months whichever comes first

Eicher Pro Series

  • Every 5,000km/6 months whichever comes first

UD Croner

  • Inspection only at 5,000km/6 months
  • Engine oil renewal up to 20,000km/yearly whichever comes first

UD Quester & UD Quon

  • Inspection only at 5,000km/6 months
  • Engine oil renewal up to 15,000km/yearly whichever comes first

Please refer to your owner’s manual for more details.

Opening Hours

Weekdays: 08:00 – 17:00



A complete tire & battery service is available at the Diesel Service Department.

Tires for almost all trucks sizes and buses are always in stock. Along with renewal & rotation, a laser wheel alignment is also available to take care of the lifetime of your tires.

The service centre also offers a dedicated battery facility in collaboration with Hankook Mauritus.


Other Services


We are recognized by the vehicle manufacturer as the authorized repairer for:


As such, we possess the expertise and equipment to maintain your vehicle to manufacturer’s standards. We have access to the manufacturer’s technical database & service hotline. When it comes to getting the latest bulletins to repairing your vehicle, nobody can match the information we have.


For your safety and driving comfort and to maintain the resale value of your vehicle, we exclusively use Genuine Parts.

Your vehicle was manufactured to the strictest tolerances for not only performance, but also durability. By using Genuine Parts, you can rest assured that your vehicle will operate as it was intended to.


Located adjacent to our sister company ABC Coach Works Ltd, we offer a one stop shop for accidental repairs, painting, coach building, and lifting solutions such as tail lifts etc.



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PORT LOUIS SERVICE CENTRE:Military Road, Port Louis TEL : 206 9926
PHOENIX SERVICE CENTRE:Phoenix Trunk Road, Phoenix TEL : 601 9999
PORT LOUIS PARTS & ACCESSORIES COUNTER:Military Road, Port Louis TEL : 206 9940
PHOENIX PARTS & ACCESSORIES COUNTER:Phoenix Trunk Road, Phoenix TEL : 601 9950
BODY & PAINT:Allée Mangues, Pailles TEL: 260 4001
DIESEL SERVICE DEPARTMENT:New Branch Road, Les Guibies, Pailles, Mauritius TEL : 405 9903
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